Mental Health, Substance Abuse + Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Launch Centers Scope of Treatment

Co-Ocurring Disorders



Sexual Abuse
Physical Abuse
Neglect/Emotional Abuse
Attachment Issues
Natural Disasters
Invasive Medical Procedures

Family Therapy

Family Conflict
Marital Issues
Parent-Child Difficulties
Sibling Problems
Co-dependency Issues


Video Gaming
Compulsive Disorders

Bahavior & Attitude

Anger Explosions
Over Indulgence
School & Legal Issues

Self-Esteem Issues

Relinquishment & Adoption Issues

Mental Health

Launch Centers provides a comprehensive treatment programs for Primary Mental Health conditions. Common conditions include depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Trauma, Borderline Personality, and most other conditions. Treatment programs include an in-depth assessment, individual therapist, group therapy, and support services. The program specializes in integration vocational and educational support into the entire treatment process.

Substance Abuse

Launch Centers offers a substance abuse program for those struggling with alcohol, heroin, opiates, prescription drugs, methamphetamine’s, cocaine, and most other substances. The program provides wrap around services to add additional layers of accountability. The services include one on one therapy, group therapy, community support, 12 step meetings, and more. Launch Centers integrates vocational and educational support and guidance into the program for a full recovery into normal life.

Launch Academy

Launch Centers provides a specialized program for Dual Diagnosis conditions. Dual Diagnosis is a mental health and substance abuse condition occurring together. It is imperative to treat both concurrently so that when a person completes substance abuse treatment, they do not relapse due to the symptoms of a mental health conditions. The mental health condition will be addressed and the symptoms managed to ensure a solid recovery and future.

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How Treatment Can Help You

Addiction is a very big concern when regarding someone’s life and that’s why at Launch Centers, we believe we can provide the right type of treatment. Treatment is important for the individual trying to get his life back together. We provide many different forms of treatment tailored to the individual’s needs so you can get the best treatment suited for you.

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Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles, CA.


Alcohol is one of the most abused substances around the world. Learn more about the signs of alcoholism & how to get sober for good at Launch Centers.


One of the most dangerous drugs in the United States, many people are turning to opioid painkillers. Know the signs & get help.


Xanax. Valium. Klonopin. Benzodiazepines are narcotic sedatives mainly used for the treatment of anxiety. Beware though, these calming little pills are highly addictive. Learn more.

Mental Health Treatment


For those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Launch Centers has the tools needed to help you focus + achieve your goals.

Anxiety + Depression

Depression and anxiety disorders affect more than 30 million American adults each year. Let Launch Centers innovative programming help you overcome depression and/or anxiety and thrive in life!

Bipolar Disorder

5.7 million adult Americans suffer from Bipolar Disorder, although the number is most likely higher. Mood disorders like Bipolar Disorder can cause unmanageability in your life. Let us help you find organization + routine at Launch Centers.

Our Los Angeles Treatment Services

Launch Centers offers a unique treatment platform that allows each client to begin at the appropriate level of care for their unique individual case. Our levels-of-care reflect a model that has proven success when treating substance abuse and mental illness.

01. Partial Day Program
01. Partial Day Program
24/7 Care + Support
The Launch Centers partial day treatment program was designed to provide you with the best treatment for mental health & substance abuse.
02. Day Treatment + Outpatient Options
02. Day Treatment + Outpatient Options
Day + Night IOP Options
Launch Centers offers unique day + night IOP and outpatient options that are combined in our 3 phase program to help clients achieve their goals + sustainable recovery.
03. Aftercare Support + Beyond
03. Aftercare Support + Beyond
Continued Treatment + Care
When it comes to treatment, Launch Centers believes it should only happen once. With our detailed program with educatonal + vocational components, we set clients up for success.