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Substance Abuse | Mental Health

What We Treat

Launch Centers provides specialized treatment tracks for Substance Abuse conditions as well as Mental Health conditions. Dual diagnosis treatment is also offered for those suffering from both substance abuse and mental health conditions together.

Mental Health

Launch Centers provides a comprehensive treatment programs for Primary Mental Health conditions. Common conditions include depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Trauma, Borderline Personality, and most other conditions. Treatment programs include an in-depth assessment, individual therapist, group therapy, and support services. The program specializes in integration vocational and educational support into the entire treatment process.

Substance Abuse

Launch Centers offers a substance abuse program for those struggling with alcohol, heroin, opiates, prescription drugs, methamphetamine’s, cocaine, and most other substances. The program provides wrap around services to add additional layers of accountability. The services include one on one therapy, group therapy, community support, 12 step meetings, and more. Launch Centers integrates vocational and educational support and guidance into the program for a full recovery into normal life.

Dual Diagnosis

Launch Centers provides a specialized program for Dual Diagnosis conditions. Dual Diagnosis is a mental health and substance abuse condition occurring together. It is imperative to treat both concurrently so that when a person completes substance abuse treatment, they do not relapse due to the symptoms of a mental health conditions. The mental health condition will be addressed and the symptoms managed to ensure a solid recovery and future.


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