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Is Your Life Being Affected by Childhood Trauma?

Childhood is the foundation upon which we build our legacies. If you had a safe, stable environment growing up, then you can expand upon those benefits to create a productive adolescence and adulthood. If your early years were fraught with distress, however, then you may not possess the right tools to effectively craft a healthy, happy life.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can negatively impact a person’s development. These traumatic incidents may carry over into your adult reality. The ramifications of ACEs manifest themselves in numerous ways, from depressive episodes to heart disease to substance use issues as well as relationship problems.

A majority of Americans have encountered at least one ACE. According to an extensive survey across 25 states, 61% of adults can identify one or more experiences that qualify as an ACE. Approximately one out of every six Americans indicated that they count 4+ ACEs as part of their formative childhood memories.

What Does My ACE Score Mean?

Never let anyone else define you… not even your younger self. There are no limitations to what you can accomplish if you confront your lingering childhood issues with honesty and diligence. But the more ACEs you have in your past, the more work you have to do to overcome them.

Kids who dealt with toxic environments become adults surrounded by toxicity all too often. Sexual abuse can prompt victims to embark upon unhealthy romantic relationships to find validation, or to project their skewed behavior onto others. Some individuals react to abusive situations by self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, or even overeating.

The health problems that cascade from destructive behavior are numerous. Sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, and circulatory problems can all be traced back to your score on the ACE test.

This is more than just a questionnaire; it’s a call to action.

Coming to Terms with Your ACE Score

Instead of being a prisoner of the past, you can embrace change. For example, one study showed that kids who were exposed to physical volatility in the home were 1.24 times more likely to abuse alcohol than children with no fighting or violence in their homes. By acknowledging these statistics, you can conquer them.

Take control of your past to harness the power of your future. Calculate your ACEs test score below.

This test is not intended as a diagnostic tool, but rather an indication that you may need help. If the following quiz prompts any vulnerabilities or concerns, please contact a trained professional.

There are many sites on the Internet that will attempt to predict your fate according to your ACEs test score. Do NOT listen to them.

You determine your destiny. While trauma can definitely shape your life journey, you are still steering the proverbial ship. If you would like someone to help ease your burden, then Launch Centers would be proud to hop aboard.

Accepting help can be humbling, but it is ultimately empowering. To make the process easier, we offer an online application that’s a simple click away. You are brave, and you are not merely a product of your past. We are more interested in helping you become the best future version of yourself. To learn more about how we can help, please contact us today.

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    • Conner H.

      Launch Centers Treatment was a major help to me. The therapists and staff genuinely cared about me and truly helped me to make a plan for my future. My personal therapists helped me to discover where some of my deeper issues came from. All of the staff worked tirelessly with me to talk through my issues, or just about life, and offered realistic solutions to my current problems and situation. All of the staff went above and beyond and advocated relentlessly for me.

    • Nicole Y.

      This place changed my life! I’ve had good laughs, good cries, shared a lot of heart to heart moments and grew a loving bond with everyone at Launch Centers. I will always be grateful! I really do miss it time to time. I highly recommend Launch Centers!

    • Jenna S.

      Launch changed our lives. Our family had been battling for years to breakthrough to our brother. No amount of rehab or detox had made a difference. He was listless, lifeless and helpless. We feared for his life everyday. The spirit of, repetition in, core values, appreciation of life and dignity and respect that we found through Launch are unparalleled. I can say with full confidence that we never would have seen my “real” brother again if not for this truly magical combination. We were and still are especially grateful for his over-the-top therapist. Her commitment to his privacy and success coupled with her unwavering contact with any and all of us is what bridged our 3,000 mile separation from him.


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