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Workplace Boundaries

In today’s driven age, we seem to be increasing the amount of time that we spend at work, some estimates claiming a 7.8% increase in the amount of hours worked compared to the previous [...]

Tomorrow is a New Day

Starting the day with a purpose, a positive outlook, and some self-reflection can make a significant difference in one’s mental health. When dealing with hardship, it can be beneficial to keep [...]

Addiction and Accountability

Addiction is defined as a disorder that is characterized by impulsive engagement with rewarding stimuli despite aversive consequences. Unfortunately, addictions are all-too-common and a magic [...]

Overcoming Test Anxiety

You’ve been counting down the days, and now it is here. This is it; tomorrow is the big day. You’re laying in bed wide awake visualizing all of the flash cards you’ve studied, all of the new [...]

Is Addiction a Disease?

A Brief History Although it is now widely accepted by the American Medical Association and the American Society of Medicine that addiction is in fact a disease, this understanding has not always [...]

Art Heals

Have you ever felt that there just weren’t words to describe how you’re feeling? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t verbally express what you’re experiencing? In recovery, it can be [...]

Brentwood Therapist

Brentwood Therapist Options at Launch Centers in Los Angeles Attempting to navigate the many rip currents that pop up in life without the help of a skilled therapist would be like river rafting [...]

Therapist Los Angeles

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Therapist Los Angeles Most of us know someone personally who struggles with a dual diagnosis, or the presence of a substance use disorder and coexisting mental [...]

Our Los Angeles Treatment Services

01. Treatment with Supportive Housing
01. Treatment with Supportive Housing
24/7 Care + Support
The Launch Centers treatment program with supportive housing was crafted to provide intensive treatment in a safe & sober environment.
02. Day Treatment + Outpatient Options
02. Day Treatment + Outpatient Options
Day + Night IOP Options
Launch Centers offers unique day + night IOP and outpatient options that are combined in our 3 phase program to help clients achieve their goals + sustainable recovery.
03. Aftercare Support + Beyond
03. Aftercare Support + Beyond
Continued Treatment + Care
When it comes to treatment, Launch Centers believes it should only happen once. With our detailed program with educational + vocational components, we set clients up for success.