5 Reasons to Seek out Sober Living

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Making the decision to seek treatment can be a significant and life-changing pursuit, and sober living can be extremely helpful. And although the choice to decide to pursue recovery is a difficult one, many temptations and triggers lie ahead as true healing requires a daily pursuit for the rest of your life, but especially in early recovery. Sober housing offers a unique solution for individuals working to address their problematic relationship with substances or mental health concerns, as it provides them with built-in accountability, community, and operates as a safe haven for individuals to put their skills to practice. The following are important things to consider before discounting the potential benefits from participating in our supportive housing. 

1. Controlled Environment

The most notable thing to mention about our supportive housing is that we offer a controlled environment that is designed to work for the success of its residents. With consistent supervision, there is still an opportunity for independence within the bounds of what is appropriate for each individual’s recovery journey. What makes our program special are the beautiful accommodations that we offer that avoid association with the sterile environment often associated with treatment. We offer a variety of activities in-house for our residents to pass the time when not in therapy, groups, or pursuing employment-related treatment goals, including a game room, library, and beautiful outdoor living space.

2. Co-Occurring Disorders

There is a long-standing debate regarding individuals that have a substance use problem as well as mental health condition regarding which issue to tackle first. However, one thing is clear is that neither problem can be effectively addressed when an individual is still under the influence of addictive substances or patterns. While just removing the individual from the environment does not guarantee that they have effectively dealt with their addiction, it does give them a fair shot to tackle some of the underlying issues, especially addressing the ways that they handle difficult affective states. 

3. Transition from Rehab

Perhaps the most logical time for individuals to seek out supportive housing is as a step-down from more intensive treatment at an inpatient or residential center. Especially considering Launch Center’s focus readying individuals for their future, it is easily a perfect fit in transitional periods of all kinds. 

4. Transition to College

Another important time where sober living presents itself as a great option is for individuals who are looking for a transitional place to spend their time between high school and college. Launch Center’s program is uniquely suited to help individuals learn the life skills necessary to get them further in their careers and education and to associate with others who are also learning to put those skills to practice. Our supportive housing can be a great launching off point for young adults looking for graduated independence from their parents, as a test run prior to leaving for college or university. 

5. Participate in Our Unique Partial Day Program

Our partial day program with supportive housing is the first step where we have individuals begin in their treatment at Launch Centers. Our PHP program is similar to that of an intensive inpatient center, however, we do not keep residents at this stage of the program for as long. With this model, we can graduate them sooner, and offer more opportunities for them to put their skills into practice. 

At Launch Centers, we understand the gift that sober living offers to our clients while they are doing the hard work of recovery. We know it to be an important tool to help set up our clients for success, and move them into independence. Tour our supportive housing & treatment center in Los Angeles, or give us a call to learn more!

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