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If you suspect your child is using drugs, you may have already confronted them. If they deny that they engage in drug use but you feel they are not being honest, it may have occurred to you to look for any evidence. You might wonder “Where do kids hide drugs?” We’ve got some guidelines to assist you with answers.

How To Start Your Search

Look in obvious places first. Kids often use backpacks, book bags, purses, and other items they carry with them as a convenient place to hide drugs. Try looking in items of their clothing. Pockets, hoodies, and cuffs can all hold items of interest to a parent wondering where do kids hide drugs. Check clothes in drawers to see if any items like rolled-up t-shirts or balled-up socks contain drugs. Look inside shoes and shoeboxes in the closet.

If the child has their own car or access to the family car, investigate thoroughly. They may choose obvious spots to hide their stashes, such as glove boxes, consoles, and the trunk of the car. Take your investigation further than that. Kids also sometimes conceal drugs by hiding them inside air conditioning vents or taping them under the dashboard or armrests. Look under floormats and anything that normally stays in the car, such as an emergency car pack or first aid kit.  

Household Items That Aren’t What They Appear to Be

Parents who have trouble finding evidence of their child’s drug possession may be looking right at it and not know it. Innocuous items such as soda cans, deodorant sticks, and makeup items may contain drugs. Some of these products are sold specifically to look like household items but their purpose is to conceal things. Other times an inventive teenager has simply hollowed out the real item and placed drugs in it. 

Lipstick tubes are a popular place to store drugs. Compact mirrors may contain a powder not created by the makeup industry. Many common makeup items can be converted into a place to stash narcotics.

Medication containers can also contain secrets. Check inside over-the-counter and prescription medicine bottles to see what they contain. They could hold obvious things like marijuana or dangerous pills given or sold to them by someone else. If you are unsure about a specific pill, check the name on it or the name on the bottle on the internet. 

Give School Supplies and Electronics a Second Look

Crafty teenagers know how to hollow out markers, highlighters, pens, and mechanical pencils. They can use them to hold small amounts of drugs or as a way to smoke or snort drugs. Check writing supplies to see if any have been altered. 

Some kids store drugs inside battery compartments for electronics such as cell phones, alarm clocks, calculators, and gaming equipment. Look at remote controls and other items related to electronics to see if they have been tampered with. 

Room Decorations May Be Hiding a Secret Stash

Look around your child’s bedroom for what may be a clever way to hide drugs. Teenagers often tear a hole in a stuffed animal or toy and store drugs inside it. Drugs that can be flattened down can be concealed in a bag and taped to the backside of posters and photographs on the wall. 

Decorative items, such as fancy boxes, knickknacks, or books, may not be about room decor. Another place where kids hide drugs includes these home decor items that may look innocent sitting on a shelf or table. Check for sliding panels, legs that twist, and other sneaky ways to open them and find out what may be hidden inside. 

Candy and Snack Items

Edible marijuana items prove popular with many teenagers. What may appear to be a regular candy bar, gummy bear package, or other snack food may actually contain pot. If the food item is still in its package, read the label to see if the item offers more than meets the eye. 

If your teenager has unpackaged cookies or some other food that you cannot account for, ask them where they got it. If they cannot come up with a solid answer, they may be trying to hide the secret ingredient contained in the food. 

Hiding Drugs In Parts of the House

When it comes to answering the question of where do kids hide drugs, the craftiness of how they do it may surprise a person. Teenagers may unscrew air and heating vents and place drugs inside them. They may place drugs in a waterproof bag and store them in a toilet tank. 

Small packages of drugs may be secured behind a toilet or on the side of a pipe. Don’t be afraid to check anything you see for fear of it being a silly idea. A young person trying to conceal narcotics may have ideas that surprise even experienced parents.

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