Mental Health + Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

How Addiction Affects Americans

Are you aware that 2/3 of Americans consume illegal drugs? The country may have witnessed a  massive drop in the number of drug users to 12 million in 1992 as opposed to 25.4 million in 1979, but it still rose up to 20.4 million in 2006. This means the DEA’s fight against illegal trafficking and substance abuse has proved to be futile, thus painting a bad picture of the world’s superpower. Here is where the problem lies;

61 million Americans are chain cigarette smokers while 16-20 million are alcoholics. Moreover, 15 million have either tasted or hooked to marijuana. Worse still, hundreds of thousands are addicted to heroin while 2.4 million use cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription drugs. Looking it at from a humanistic approach, most alcohol and drug users are involved in the most violent and property crimes, with 80% of nation’s jailbirds committing the offense under the influence or stealing to finance their addictions. That is how bad the situation has escalated. Fortunately, the government is doing everything it can to nab traffickers and help users to start on a clean slate thanks to Los Angeles IOP.

Los Angeles Launch Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program

If you have battled stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol, and substance abuse in the past, then you will realize how difficult it is to recover. Launch Centers offer outpatient therapies for people who have faced these situations before. This program gives students the chance to continue pursuing their studies while getting treated for the conditions mentioned above. Also, it provides employed people with an opportunity to keep their jobs as they receive treatment.

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What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

IOP also is known as Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a primary treatment initiative endorsed after extensive clinical and medical examinations have been conducted. If you belong among those who don’t require a medical detox, then this the program to attend. If you have had a successful detox, then IOP could be your road to a successful recovery. Basically, this program lets you have undivided time for your work and family life

Intensive Outpatient Los Angeles is designed for people with less severe cases of addiction and those who are still undergoing the recovery process in an inpatient program.

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What to Expect at Our LA Intensive Outpatient

When you enroll in any of the launch centers in Los Angeles, you will receive services primarily through group therapy; not exceeding 10 people. Here, you will meet other people who have gone through similar situations as you have. Each person is entitled to a personal therapist that will meet them on a weekly basis to assess their treatment.

  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Fighting Cravings + Urges
  • The Science of Addiction
  • Introduction to the 12 Steps
  • Medication Management
  • Mindfulness + Emotional Intelligence
  • Co-occurring Mental Health Treatment
  • Family Education, Therapy + Workshops
  • Specialized Process Groups (Trauma, Grief, Anger, etc)
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Experiential Therapy such as Yoga, Art, and Meditation

The topics mentioned above are mandatory for first-time participants, but you can still enroll for additional comprehensive counseling, or training to improve healthy skills. About the 12-step approach, these counseling centers do not lean on a specific denomination. It relies on scientific methods and practices without involving religious bias, though they are religious-based.

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow. Your New Life Begins Today.

How to Know If IOP is Right for Me?

Not every IOP in LA is suited for people who are battling problems related to addiction and substance use or abuse, so you will need to get examined by our clinical team to ensure we can best help your personal situation. The assessment is usually conducted at the center as part of the admission process. Just because the topics to be covered have been generalized doesn’t mean all individuals share the same ordeals. The program readily offers personalized services to suit their needs. Thereafter, the initial assessment will result in a follow-up.

To get admitted to any intensive outpatient treatment unit, or if you want to do it someone else’s behalf, you can contact them directly to book an appointment or fill out the contact form found in accredited websites. They will reciprocate your involvement by giving you a call and informing you about the important steps that they will follow.

Substance Abuse + Mental Health Treatment Services

Launch Centers offers a unique treatment platform that allows each client to begin at the appropriate level of care for their unique individual case. Our levels-of-care reflect a model that has proven success when treating substance abuse and mental illness.

01. Partial Day Program
01. Partial Day Program
24/7 Care + Support
The Launch Centers partial day treatment program was designed to provide you with the best treatment for mental health & substance abuse.
02. Day Treatment + Outpatient Options
02. Day Treatment + Outpatient Options
Day + Night IOP Options
Launch Centers offers unique day + night IOP and outpatient options that are combined in our 3 phase program to help clients achieve their goals + sustainable recovery.
03. Aftercare Support + Beyond
03. Aftercare Support + Beyond
Continued Treatment + Care
When it comes to treatment, Launch Centers believes it should only happen once. With our detailed program with educational + vocational components, we set clients up for success.

Let the Los Angeles Intensive Outpatient Program at Launch Help You Heal

Once you have come to accept your present condition, you can rely on any of the launch centers to design a treatment plan for you using a clinical and medical assessment. Depending on your history, status, and current condition, these professionals will determine the approach they will accord you after conducting a medical review. Once you make your first appointment, they will advise you if there are any fees to cater for the assessment.

Launch Centers intensive outpatient programs in Los Angeles are designed to empower youth and help them achieve their goals. By the end of their treatment course, they will have defined their purpose in life and borrowed a new leaf. Each client has a personalized experience through educational support and professional guidance. Your hopes of realizing your strengths as an independent and committed human being will be heightened at the end of it all.