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Outpatient Treatment

Early adulthood is notoriously one of the most challenging chapters in life.  The years following high school can be rife with anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and lack of direction, many times resulting in substance abuse as a mode of managing or self-medicating these emotions.  When the typical struggles of this phase in life are exacerbated by drug or alcohol abuse, mood disorders, or a dual diagnosis (both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health disorder), a young person can find their life derailed.

Why Outpatient Treatment?

Launch Centers provides outpatient treatment for those individuals who have found themselves sidetracked by these problems, and sincerely desire to improve their lives.  An outpatient program is an exceptional option for students who desire to continue with their studies while also receiving treatment for a substance addiction, mood disorder, or dual diagnosis.  For those who are employed, the flexibility of an outpatient program provides freedom to remain engaged in the workplace while in treatment.  An outpatient program is also a essential step-down from an inpatient treatment program, allowing the young adult to continue to receive therapy and support in early recovery.

The Launch Centers outpatient program seeks to empower young adults, helping them define their purpose in life and set new life goals using an integrated and systemic approach.  Each branch of the program, including the therapeutic support and educational and occupational guidance, takes the individual closer to realizing their potential as an independent, productive human being.

Program Elements of Outpatient Treatment

When a young adult, those aged 18-35, reaches out to Launch Centers they will first participate in an intake process.  The intake involves a thorough review of the individual’s treatment needs and life challenges, as well as their hopes and dreams.  From this interview, a personalized therapeutic plan is created that outlines a structured program for changing disruptive behaviors and learning new life skills, helping the individual achieve their purpose in life.

Launch Centers outpatient programs are designed to help those young adults struggling with substance abuse or addiction, dual diagnosis, and mental health disorders.   Outpatient treatment includes the following program elements:


  • Individual talk therapy sessions.  A personal Launch therapist will be assigned to the individual for the duration of the program, allowing a connection to develop that fosters mutual trust.  The therapists utilize the treatment modality best suited to the individual’s needs, and may include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, trauma informed, existential, or humanistic therapies.
  • Group therapy.  Group therapy offers peer support and feedback with a therapist facilitating topics of discussion.  These topics may include personal relationships, past traumas, addiction recovery, sexuality, health, and positive psychology.
  • Family therapy.  The family dynamic is often inherent to the issues of the individual seeking outpatient treatment.  A healthy family system is an important to cultivate through family therapy sessions that can provide open communication in a safe and supportive space.  Family therapy provides tools for improving communication between family members going forward, increasing harmony and improving the overall health of the family dynamic.

Experiential Therapy

  • Expressive Arts
    • Psychodrama involves role playing the internal or external conflicts that can keep an individual feeling trapped, leading to a sense of freedom.


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