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The holidays can be chaotic and stressful, unsuitable for good mental health. However, realistic goals and expectations can help you maintain mental wellness during the holidays. First, identify your best support person to go to when you feel at your wit’s end. Then, reach out if you need it. With all the cooking, shopping, cleaning, and entertaining, you could feel like climbing under the covers and sleeping the days away. 

While we are already in the throes of the holiday season, you can regroup to determine how to enjoy the holiday season. Mental wellness during the holidays comes down to taking back control. Many suffer from seasonal mood disorders, which can be challenging during the holidays. However, identifying triggers and planning to cope positively can change everything. 

Why People Struggle with Depression During the Holidays

Mental illness does not take a break for the joyous holiday season to take over and make everything loving and peaceful. Maintaining mental wellness during the holidays can be challenging. In addition, those in treatment who are aware of their limitations still struggle with keeping their sanity during these times. Depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can be more brutal to cope with than usual during the holidays if you are alone. 

The state of our economy is another detriment to the season. People’s budgets are already tight before adding Christmas gifts; celebrating and traveling just add more stress and anxiety. Death and family dysfunction do not take a holiday break either. Mental wellness during the holiday season may take additional planning and extended boundaries. 

Helpful Tips to Promote Mental Wellness during the Holidays

When the world is closing up around you, and you are feeling mentally disabled, stop everything. There is no one correct answer for everyone, but there are several tips to get back on the mental wellness bandwagon. In addition, you will enjoy the holidays much more if you prioritize your mental wellness during the holidays. Remember to regain control and make time for self-care. 

Be in the present moment and acknowledge your feelings. It is impossible to force yourself to be happy because it’s the holidays. If you are experiencing death or loss, it’s normal to feel sadness and grief. Take the time to feel it and process it. Loneliness and isolation are excruciating during holidays. Volunteering during the holidays is an excellent way to care for ourselves by helping others. Mental wellness during the holidays is a choice; take the time to acknowledge it. 

Although holiday perfection is all over television, social media, and everywhere you look, the holidays are rarely perfect for everyone, so be realistic. We do not live in an ideal world, and everything around us is subject to change. Traditions and rituals might change, and it’s difficult to accept. However, being realistic can allow for better mental wellness during the holidays. 

Stick to your budget, which may be difficult but possible. Nothing disturbs mental wellness during the holidays more than having to buy gifts and holiday foods and take part in all the extra celebrating. Great things come in small packages. Don’t overextend yourself because it will affect you in January. Put more thought into homemade verse, recipe cards, or other sentimental gifts that mean more than anything. 

Planning and learning to say no in one holiday season may be challenging, but it will positively affect your mental wellness during the holidays. So plan activities daily and stick to your schedule, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get it all done. When you have no more minutes to spare – say no. You can only accomplish so many things in one day. 

Maintaining Mental Wellness During the Holidays through Self-Care

When time is short, the most important tasks are often the first to go from the schedule. Self-care is essential for mental wellness during the holidays. Sticking to your diet and exercise schedule and getting enough sleep is vital to beating depression and anxiety. Even more critical during stressful times, self-care can restore calm and clear your mind. Listen to music, read a chapter from a good book, and put your feet up for thirty minutes. 

Excessive eating and drinking during the holidays can happen quickly and cause regret. Instead, keep your scheduled yoga class, walk, or get freshly squeezed juice on your way home. Being kind to yourself is a gift you give yourself. Modeling this essential positive coping mechanism is excellent for your family too. 

Professional Help and Treatment for Mental Illness

You know yourself better than anyone does. However, if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or a seasonal mood disorder and it just seems worse, call your therapist. Also, make sure you are taking any prescription medications you may have. Drinking alcohol is never a good idea if you are taking prescriptions, so be careful when at parties. You can do this; just listen to your gut. 

It is especially vital to contact a mental health professional if your thoughts get too dark. Suicidal thoughts can creep into a depressed mind. Talk to your doctor if you cannot reach your mental health professional, and tell them you are concerned about your mental wellness during the holidays. Be truthful and straightforward in describing your symptoms. 

Find Help for Mental Wellness During the Holidays in California

If you are experiencing difficult moments of depression or anxiety, Launch Centers has experience dealing with mental illness. We are available when you need us. Unfortunately, mental health disorders and substance abuse can escalate during the holiday season. Contact our center now to help maintain your mental wellness during the holidays.
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