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Video games played in the home can be traced back to a very basic game called Pong released in 1972. Its simplistic graphics and limited options seem laughable today. Video games now constitute a billion-dollar industry. Over two billion people worldwide enjoy them. Most people can play video games without negative results. For others, it becomes an addiction. Video games can be played on computers, televisions, and smartphones. The ease of accessibility and the fact that they are portable make the temptation to overindulge in them a real problem. How to stop video game addiction first requires recognizing how dangerous and prevalent it has become. 

Video Games and Addiction: Is That Even a Thing?

For someone who does not play video games or only enjoys them infrequently, the concept of addiction to them being a risk may seem questionable. While some people can be categorized as engaging in overuse of video gaming, the ability to become addicted to them is quite real. 

Playing video games can trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, which allows the person to experience pleasure. This experience shares a commonality with what happens when a person drinks alcohol or uses drugs. When a person has become addicted to this result, loss of time playing video games can result in withdrawal symptoms similar to that of drug and alcohol addiction. This leads to them wondering how to stop video game addiction.

Facts about video gaming can help those who doubt their addictive quality better understand the hold they have on some people. The State of Online Gaming 2020 report showed that: 

  • Seventy-five percent of households have at least one gamer in them.
  • Video game players spend an average of over six hours per week playing games. 
  • Watching gamers play video games online now surpasses the popularity of watching sports among those aged 18-25. 
  • Almost 40 percent of gamers aspire to become professionals who support themselves by playing video games. 

Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

Some people may enjoy playing video games for many hours a week but are not symptomatic of someone with an addiction. Video game addicts exhibit many symptoms that share similarities to drug and alcohol addiction. These can include:

  • Prioritizing playing video games above job, family, and school responsibilities
  • Neglecting other hobbies and pastimes in order to focus solely or mostly on gaming
  • Isolating from family members and friends while playing 
  • Lying or covering up how often they play games
  • Developing medical conditions related to constant gaming, such as eye strain, migraines, and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to play video games
  • Circumventing parental rules about permission to play games and for how long
  • Becoming aggressive when denied the ability to play
  • Losing sleep in order to keep playing
  • Skipping meals so as to avoid stopping gameplay
  • Neglecting hygiene 

The Appeal of Playing Video Games

A lot of people have experience with video games that is limited to playing old-school games like Pac-Man or Space Invaders. These games typically were played at video arcades and were the focus of a session of solo time or a group activity with friends. Once the session of game playing was over, most people forgot about it and moved on to another activity.

Today’s video games showcase amazing graphics and realistic, 3-D imaging. Similar to when HDTV redefined how rich in appearance television screens could be, modern video games offer a passport to a variety of fantasy worlds. Many players report feeling as if they have actually entered these worlds, leaving their day-to-day life behind. 

Multi-player games offer virtual companionship with players around the world. For those who may have trouble developing real-time friendships, this can be difficult to resist. Others may begin to ignore their in-person friendships and romantic relationships in order to devote time to their online gaming community of friends. 

Acceptance among the gaming community can be liberating for people who feel like outcasts in the real world. The idea of leaving that community behind affects their self-image and threatens their social standings, as they see them. The draw of feeling like a part of things, especially for someone who may identify as a misfit, can be as strong as the actual desire to play the games themselves. 

Seeking Treatment for Video Game Addiction

If you feel concerned for yourself or someone you love and want to know how to stop video game addiction, many options exist. Professional treatment programs, including residential and outpatient ones, often offer help for those with a video gaming addiction. This includes both programs for adults and those for teenagers and adolescents. 

Consult with your physician, a licensed counselor, or a treatment program. Many can offer solid advice about if a person seems likely to suffer from gaming addiction and where to turn for help. Getting a video game addiction under control helps a person transition back into healthy hobbies that keep them rooted in the real world.

Video Game Addiction Treatment in California

If playing video games has turned into an addiction, Launch Centers can help. We offer treatment for addictive behaviors and any accompanying mental health issues. We provide educational and career counseling, such as high school and college courses, and life skills management. 

Contact Launch Centers at our Los Angeles program now and find out how we can help.

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