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When it comes to their children, parents worry about a million things. This includes the potential for their child to become addicted to drugs. Are you a parent on the lookout for evidence that your kid may be in trouble and wonder what to do if you find drugs in your house? We can help you take the vital steps to ensure that your loved one gets the help they need.   

I Found Drugs in My House: What Do I Do? 

No parent is prepared to say, “I found drugs in my daughter’s room” or tell someone, “I found drugs in my son’s room.” First of all, do not go into panic mode or fly off the handle. Sit down with your child and tell them you found their drugs and you want to have an open and honest conversation with them. Ask specific questions, such as:

  • When did you start using drugs?
  • Have you used any besides what I found?
  • How often do you use them and how much?
  • Where do you get drugs?
  • What made you decide to start using them?

Let them know that while it is not acceptable to turn to drugs for any reason, you want to understand their history with them. As parents, you also want to let your children know they can be honest with you so you can help find a solution. If a family member, including yourself, has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, be honest about it. Tell your child in a rational manner the difficulties substance abuse causes and why it’s a dead-end road.  

Where Do Kids Usually Hide Drugs? 

Knowing what to do if you find drugs in your house begins with knowing where to look for them. Children can be tricky when it comes to hiding evidence they don’t want their parents to find. They may hide drugs in obvious places, such as drawers or closets. Check inside boxes and other storage devices that might conceal drugs or paraphernalia. 

If you don’t find drugs in these places, investigate less obvious choices, such as: 

Portable items: Look inside things your child takes out of the house, such as backpacks, purses, and book bags.  

Clothing: Look in pockets, hoodies, rolled up sleeves, and inside socks and shoes. 

Cars: If your teenager has a car or access to yours, they may use it to hide drugs. Look in the glove box, consoles, cup holders, under seats, and in the trunk. 

Electronics: An empty battery compartment can hold a small amount of drugs. Check cell phones, gaming equipment, remote controls, and other electronic devices. 

School supplies: Innocuous-looking school supplies make a crafty place to store drugs. Check inside pens, markers, highlighters, and other writing supplies that may be hollowed out. 

Home decor: Some kids tape drugs behind a poster or picture on their walls. They may also put them inside a toy or stuffed animal. Check decorative containers and books to see if any are hollowed out and hold narcotics.

Food: What may appear to be a simple package of gummy bears, a cookie, or a candy bar may actually contain edible marijuana. Check packaging labels or ask questions if you don’t know the source of a food item your child possesses.

Dangers of Drug Addiction in Children 

Children who become addicted to drugs are more likely to struggle with addiction throughout a great deal of their adulthood than those who start using drugs later in life. A young person’s brain goes through continuous changes even into adulthood. Drug abuse can negatively impact brain development, including causing difficulty making decisions and using good judgment. Drug use impedes the brain’s natural ability to produce neurotransmitters and endorphins. The brain begins to rely on narcotics for this action, which influences the development of a full-blown addiction. 

Children who become addicted to drugs often end up abandoning plans to complete or extend their education. Addiction can seriously impact their ability to find and maintain employment. Failed drug tests, irregular job attendance, and difficulty completing assignments all contribute to making many young addicts unemployable. 

Drug addiction often results in young people isolating themselves from others. They may lose interest in hobbies and pastimes and end up abandoning important relationships. The sooner they get the help they need, the sooner they can return to healthy life plans that excite them.

Finding Detox for Kids

What to do if you find drugs in your house should end in finding help for your child. Addiction treatment usually begins with detox. Work with any resource you have, such as your child’s doctor, a therapist, or your insurance company, who can recommend a program that helps young people who abuse drugs. Addiction can take hold quickly, and the faster you investigate options to get help for your child, the easier it will be for them to leave drugs behind. 

Launch Centers provides detox and outpatient treatment for young people who need help getting off drugs. We can help guide you through setting up a program and getting your child to enter it. We also provide treatment for any accompanying mental health issues your child may experience.

Once you have a treatment plan set up, explain to your child what you expect of them in terms of their participation. Let them know they have a disease, and you will support them as they work through what contributed to experimenting with drugs. Your child’s recovery will work best when they feel supported by the entire family.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

If you wonder what to do if you find drugs in your house because a young adult you care about may be in trouble, Launch Centers in Los Angeles, CA, can help. We treat drug addiction by including parents so that the whole family can heal from this challenging illness. We help people focus on educational and career goals while staying sober. Call or visit our admissions page today for more information.

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