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Modern technology provides people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction with an advantage previous generations did not have: apps to help them stay sober. While many different apps exist out there from a variety of sources, it can be hard to find ones that fit your needs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps for sobriety to help you find ones that keep you motivated. Each app is free!

How the Best Apps for Sobriety Can Help You Stay Sober

You go to your therapy appointments and your group support meetings, and you work with your treatment team members who help guide you through recovery. You make choices every day to ensure you stay focused on your sobriety but is there something you’re not doing? If you haven’t checked out some of the best apps for sobriety out there, you may be missing that extra boost you need. 

Apps aimed at people in recovery for substance use disorders provide people with support, ideas for saying no to temptation, and reassurance they are not alone. They are hosted by and feature guests that range from those new to recovery to those who have banked years or decades of sobriety. They often feature experts in the treatment field who can update you on new research and techniques to help you stay up on the most recent advances to help people stay sober. 

Apps for sobriety also provide the ultimate convenience because of their portability; you can take them anywhere. We all carry our smartphones everywhere we go, which means you have access to an app addressing recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol no matter where you are or the time of day. Check out our list of some of the best apps for sobriety and find one that speaks to you. 

I Am Sober


Available on iPhone and Android

This app allows you to track how long you have been sober down to the minute. You can use it to remind you of how long you’ve been in recovery, as well as milestones that happen along the way. You can make daily pledges to stay sober and take part in a community that motivates each other.

AA Speakers Free (Alcoholics)

Visit your app store to find it
Available on iPhone and Android

Consider this app a resource for over 500 inspiring talks from Alcoholics Anonymous. Choose from recovery speakers, workshops, and audiobooks that gave inspiration at conventions around the globe. If you can’t get to an AA meeting or need an easily accessible voice guiding you to stay strong, this app makes a great choice.

NA Speakers (Narcotics)

Visit your app store to find it
Available on iPhone and Android

A collection of over 300 speakers who gave inspiring talks at NA conventions around the world. Audiobook readings are included, as well as info from the NA Basic Textbook. If you need an NA meeting but can’t get to one or just want an additional resource for support available 24/7, this app can keep you focused on your recovery goals.

Sober Grid


Available on iPhone and Android

Sober Grid allows you to track your progress, share it with others, and give and receive sobriety support. It provides 24/7 peer coaching, allowing you to reach out for a boost of encouragement from a sober peer no matter what time it is. An in-app news feed keeps you informed, and you can set your account to the level of privacy that feels right for you. 


Available on iPhone and Android

Created by a man in recovery who decided to say “no mo” to addiction, this app provides unlimited clocks you can use to track time in sobriety and related issues. You can earn milestone chips to celebrate victories and track stats for things like how much money you’ve saved by not drinking alcohol or using drugs. You can also connect with accountability partners who help you stick to your goals. 

Sober Tool

Available on iPhone and Android

This app was developed by a Harvard University-educated chemical dependency and certified alcoholism and drug counselor for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. You can receive daily motivational messages, congratulatory rewards, and ways to avoid relapse. Many materials touch on things like mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, stress reduction, and 12-step practices. 

Sober Time


Available on iPhone and Android

This app provides ways to mark your sobriety goals and milestones, daily affirmations, the ability to keep track of your sober time down to the second, and how much money you save by staying sober. It features a vibrant forum community that allows people to give and receive real-time support. 

Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

If you are seeking help for addiction to drugs and alcohol in Los Angeles, Launch Centers can help. We understand how hard it is to reach out and we make it easy to understand how we can help you become sober and stay that way. We offer multiple types of treatment and support for the entire family. 

If you or someone you love is ready to get help for addiction, contact us and start living the healthy new life you deserve. Call today to speak with some immediately from Launch Centers to start the road to recovery.

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