Are You Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

Prescription Drugs are One of the Leading Causes of Addiction

Science and technology have evolved alongside humanity for millennia. As society advances, so does our thinking. But what happens when medical breakthroughs become too much to handle for some people, and what happens when the remedy becomes a disease?

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Individuals seek prescription drugs for many reasons: sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression are just some of the most common afflictions that drive people to their doctor’s office. We assume that meds will cure us, but sometimes they can consume us.

The potency and availability of certain drugs have risen exponentially over the past several years. The opioid epidemic due to prescription drug addiction has been raging throughout the United States for over a decade, and it was estimated that the average person in the country had 20 days’ worth of painkillers at their disposal. This shocking phenomenon was even more pronounced in the mountains of the Eastern Seaboard, where individuals averaged an opioid supply that could last them over 100 days.

With such abundant access to prescription drugs, it is inevitable for people to misuse them. Take, for example, the case of benzodiazepines. Approximately 12.6% of Americans have ingested drugs like Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium within the past 12 months. This accounts for one out of every eight adults in the United States. Of this group, an estimated 17% of their benzodiazepine usage was misusage. 

To determine if you are respecting the fine line between prescription use and misuse, it is important to assess your own behavior. The following questionnaire is designed to be a way for you to notice the truth that you may be unwilling to address. If you are willing to answer honestly, then you are taking a brave first step toward conquering your dependence on prescription drugs.

This test is not intended as a diagnostic tool, but rather an indication that you may need help. If the following quiz prompts any vulnerabilities or concerns, please contact a trained professional.

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The very design of medications affect your body’s chemistry. You are prescribed drugs to bring balance to your system; to address a deficit or surplus you may have. But the drug in question may actually shift the balance too far to the opposite side, wreaking even more havoc on your body, mind, and soul.

For example, you may be prescribed opioid medications to help you manage pain. This medication also sends a rush of dopamine to your brain, which gives you a euphoric feeling. The reaction to this medication can begin to blur the line between pain management and pleasure-seeking. 

Eventually, this rush of chemicals can become addictive. People who benefit from the increase of dopamine in their system may grow to crave it. One quick fix is to seek out illicit drugs. In one snap decision, the user has jumped from prescription meds to street drugs.

Before you get caught in the grip of prescription drug addiction, seek help. Identifying the problem is the first step, reaching out is next. Neither is simple, but both are vital. We want to make it easier for you, so we’ve provided an online application form here. Getting back on the right track is just a click away.

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