Do You Have an Anxiety Disorder?

The First Step Towards Relief is Getting Answers

Life can be wonderful. If you struggle with an anxiety disorder, however, life can also be scary and stressful. Humans are essentially animals. When we are confronted with potential dangers, we naturally adhere to a “fight or flight” set of responses. But if insignificant events trigger these seismic sensations of life or death, then your system needs a check-up.

Anxiety disorders make an individual feel isolated and alienated, but they are extremely common. In fact, it is the most prevalent mental health condition in the United States. Over 40 million American adults experience some sort of anxiety disorder within a given 12-month span of time. This number represents 18.1 percent of the people age 18 or older in the country.

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There are several categories of anxiety disorders. While it may seem easy to list them and define them (as we will below), it is much more difficult to determine how anxiety affects you as an individual. Emotions are messy, and they tend to confuse your heart, your head, and your physiology. Is your pulse racing because you’re in love, or are you worried about this afternoon’s budget meeting?

You can get lost in the minutiae of stress or you can take a step back and examine it carefully. The following are the major types of anxiety disorders with which you may be dealing:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – When you bare able to process daily distress in a healthy way, you handle tasks and triumphs in stride. If you have a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), however, those everyday issues accumulate into inescapable feelings of worry and tension. You may lose sleep and develop sore muscles as a result of GAD, feeling “on edge” even after you have managed an episode that triggered anxiety in the first place.
  • Panic Disorder – When a stressful event happens, it can trigger heart palpitations, sweating, and shaking. This may be a panic attack, and it functions as a warning sign that you need to monitor your wellbeing. If you have the inability to shake the effects of a panic attack, then it could factor into a larger pattern called panic disorder.
  • Phobias – Some fears revolve around specific events or objects. For example, if you are afraid of height, then you may have acrophobia. When phobias dominate your life to the point where you can’t even climb a flight of stairs, then they can be considered debilitating.
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Identifying a problem is the first step in conquering it.

No matter what form of anxiety you are experiencing, it is important to assess your situation. The following questionnaire is designed to be that first step. Please try to answer openly and honestly. The only person you would be cheating is yourself.

This quiz is not intended to be an addiction test to self-diagnose, but rather an indication that you may need help. If the following quiz prompts any vulnerabilities or concerns, please contact a trained professional.

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And if you answered “Constantly” to any of the questions above, then please do not hesitate to contact us. The hardest part of seeking help is making that first connection. That’s why we want to make it easy for you. Click here to start your online application and prepare to get the attention you need.

Partial Day with Supportive Housing
Partial Day with Supportive Housing
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Intensive Outpatient Program
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Outpatient + Aftercare
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