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A young adult treatment program can help young adults overcome their challenges with substance use disorders and mental illness so that they can develop happy, healthy lives.

There is no doubt that young adults, meaning those individuals between the ages of 18-25, find themselves engaged in activities and behaviors that may not always be good for them. Drug and alcohol experimentation within this age group is extremely common, just as is being sexually active. For many young adults, they grow out of this phase of life and no longer do things such as take drugs at a party, drink too much on the weekends, or be careless about who they decide to be intimate with. But for some, getting out of young adulthood unscathed is nearly impossible. 

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, many of these behaviors being during the teenage years and grow into bigger problems as time goes on. Some statistics that reflect the ties between teenagers and substance abuse as reported by NCDAS include the following:

  • 86% of teenagers know someone who drinks or uses drugs during the daytime
  • 43% of college students abuse illicit drugs
  • 50% of teenagers abuse illicit drugs 

How come these numbers are so high? Well, young adults like teenagers and college students are faced with a number of different factors than other age groups may be, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Peer pressure
  • Social media pressure
  • Untreated mental illness such as depression or anxiety
  • Problems leaving home to venture out on their own for the first time
  • Pressure to uphold good grades

Those who have lived through these young adult years can easily understand how these issues can contribute to substance abuse. And even though rates of drug abuse have slowly dropped within this age group over the past few years, it still remains a continued problem. 

Advantages of a Young Adult Treatment Program

So, what are young adults supposed to do if they need professional help for a substance use disorder? There are several options to choose from, but arguably the greatest resource for individuals within this age range is a young adult treatment program.

A young adult treatment program is a treatment program that focuses on providing age-appropriate treatment for those who want to end their active addictions and/or treat their mental illnesses. This type of care can be extremely beneficial in the following ways:

  • Improve chances for the future — When young adults grapple with substance use disorders, they are dealing with this disease at a pivotal time in their lives. Not only are their brains and bodies still developing, but they are aso still trying to establish themselves as adults. Attending a young adult treatment program appeals directly to this population and shows them how continuing on with abusing drugs and alcohol can derail their future and potentially kill them. When young adults pay attention to their treatment and get involved in it, they gain the advantage of improving their overall chances for their futures. 
  • Prevent further physical and psychological damage — Young adults are still developing both mentally and physically during these sensitive years. The abuse of drugs and alcohol can stunt growth and mental wellness, making it more difficult for a young adult to recover. The faster young adult treatment is obtained, the less likely it becomes for young adults to suffer from the effects of illicit substances on their young bodies and minds. 
  • Build a strong support system of positive peers — The vast majority of young adults have found themselves hooked on drugs or alcohol because of the individuals that they hang around with. In fact, peer pressure is the most common risk factor for addiction amongst this age group. Attending a young adult treatment program, however, allows these young adults to remove themselves from their usual group of peers and put themselves in a group of individuals who are like-minded and working towards the same goals. Just as easily as the bad can rub off in a group of toxic friends, the good can rub off in a group of positive friends. Young adult treatment allows these individuals to come together, bond, and continually support one another as they move through recovery.
  • Participate in age-appropriate therapies — Young adult treatment programs offer many of the same therapies that are provided in all types of addiction treatment programs. These include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, contingency management, and so on. But one therapy that has proven to be a major hit with the young adult population is adventure therapy. Adventure therapy brings individuals in recovery outside into nature. Activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, ropes courses, and hiking work to improve young adults’ self-esteem, outlook on life, communication skills, and much more. Plus, adventure therapy reinforces the bonds that individuals may already be developing among one another. 

Individuals who are participating in a young adult treatment program also have the opportunity to work on and develop vital life skills, such as being independent. It is not uncommon for this population of substance users to have minimal knowledge or experience with managing finances, maintaining a household, and sometimes even basic high school education such as math and language arts. Being a part of a young adult treatment program can help these individuals address these topics in an effort to solidify their foundation in recovery and in life. 

Addiction Treatment in California 

If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, know that you are not alone. At Launch Centers, we understand how difficult it is to continue living with active addiction, which is why we work endlessly to help individuals like you to get sober. Not only do we support your journey towards sobriety, but we will also be right by your side as you develop and grow in your overall recovery. 

If you are ready to put behind you the challenges of active addiction, then call us right now. We can help you stop using and begin building a future that meets your needs and then some. Do not wait. We are here to help you get your life back once and for all.

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