Young Adults Find New Purpose in Substance Abuse Counseling Los Angeles

Substance Abuse Counseling Los Angeles

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Every day we have a new opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.  For some, this sense of hopefulness for the chance to improve one’s life resonates deeply, particularly for a young adult in early recovery.  The renewed vision for their lives post-rehab can be shaped in a meaningful way via tailored substance abuse counseling.

When a young adult places their trust in a mentor who truly wants the very best for their young charge, great things can happen.  Establishing the bond of trust between client and counselor opens up dialogue, introspection, and the ability to dream again.  The future is what we make of it; it is a personal choice one makes to be a positively and purposefully contribute to society or not.  When life-skills training is combined with effective substance abuse counseling, a solid foundation for growth and renewal is laid.

Substance Abuse Counseling with Purpose

There is substance abuse counseling, and then there is substance abuse counseling with a purpose.  Too often therapy sessions with young people do not have a goal-oriented trajectory and become a wheel-spinning exercise in futility.  When the mission is shifted towards using substance abuse counseling to redirect a young adult toward finding their purpose it becomes a life-building exercise in hopefulness.

A good counselor will guide the young client toward identifying their interests, passions, skills, and talents, and then applying those to real world possibilities.  It isn’t enough to only educate them on the dangers and futility of drug abuse.  In addition to a solid and well thought out relapse prevention plan, the counseling sessions should include direction towards new life goals.  It is in seeking purpose and a productive future that helps many recovering from substance abuse the positive distractions needed to move past a drug or alcohol-seeking lifestyle.  Having someone on your side to nurture these new goals, who expects accountability in achieving them, will create a recovery partnership that yields fruit.

What Features Make Substance Abuse Counseling Effective?

To be effective, psychological therapy that is focused on the young adult cannot be a one-size-fits-all model.  Young people encompass a diverse demographic with strong opinions and personalities, and differing needs.  Attempting to shoehorn them into a predefined therapeutic mold will not resonate with a large percentage of clients.  The secret to successful substance abuse counseling is to have a nimble, individualized program in place.

With that in mind, the most effective counseling program for young adults will offer a variety of therapy models and adjunct therapies that will address the uniqueness of this age group.  These features might include:

  • Individual therapy. Although most outpatient programs offer individual therapy, it is the variety of approaches that makes the truly effect program stand apart.  By having an expert clinical staff that can select from various modalities—such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, trauma informed, or existential therapies—allows for the right therapeutic fit.
  • Group therapy. Group therapy, when adeptly facilitated, is a good counseling venue for young adults who are comfortable working in group settings.  To be effective, the group sessions should revolve around topics germane to relevant issues regarding, not only addiction, but relationships, wellbeing, and sexuality.
  • Family therapy. Because addiction impacts the whole family on many levels, having a family therapy session component is intrinsic to the overall recovery of the client.  Often, maladaptive or dysfunctional dynamics within a family are a factor in emotional disorders that may have led to substance abuse.  Healing the family post recovery, and providing new communication tools, is very helpful.
  • Adjunct therapies. An effective outpatient counseling program will provide various activities that promote wellbeing, personal growth, increased awareness, and empowerment.  These can be art and music therapy, dance classes, drama group, relationship skills, life skills and time management, and grief and loss group.

Launch Centers Young Adult Empowerment Program Cultivates Purpose

Launch Centers is a comprehensive outpatient program for young adults in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. Sober Living resources are also available for those who would like additional support. Offering individualized counseling that is tailored to each client, Launch Centers cultivates a passion for life along with renewed purpose.  For more information on the program, please contact us today at (310) 779-4476.

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