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Young Adult Outpatient and Drug Rehab Los Angeles Promotes Life Skills and Goal-Setting

Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Specialization in Young Adult Rehab 18-28 and Empowerment for a Solid Future

During the critical teen and early adult years of emotional development, young adults learn to plan for their academic and/or vocational future.  This period is often earmarked as a training ground for acquiring the important life skills needed to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that await them.  Young people are trained during high school and college to set goals and form a blueprint that can be accessed as a guide along the way to achieving these goals.

When a young adult veers off into substance abuse, it can cause a disruption in this learning and maturation process, stunting personal growth.  Once addictive behaviors have been treated and the young person’s path redirected, there is a need for proactive and structured guidance to help them regain their footing.  This type of assistance can help the young adult reclaim their former interests and passions and set fresh life goals while moving forward in recovery.

How Outpatient Rehab for Young Adults Encourages Accountability

Drug and alcohol abuse can wreak havoc on a young person’s dreams and ambitions.  Addiction robs them of direction, motivation, and effort, displacing any previously set aspirations and life goals.  While under the influence of the substance, the individual loses the ability to follow through and take responsibility for their lives, culminating in a sense of being rudderless, flailing about without direction in the abyss.

An outpatient rehab for young adults that emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability can restore lost plans and set the young person back on course through identifiable goals and achievements that are methodically accomplished.  Strong guidance provides the framework for daily, weekly, and monthly accomplishments that eventually lead to the desired academic, personal, or vocational goals.

Personal accountability includes not only meeting expectations towards declared goals, but a whole host of areas in life.  Young adults in recovery often need to be taught how to adhere to a schedule and how to manage their time.  They may need to learn basic personal finance skills so they will be able to meet their financial obligations as adults.  The importance of fitness and nutrition needs to be reemphasized, as addiction can take a toll on overall health.  Accountability to others, nurturing relationships and learning communication skills is also a vital part of overall recovery.

Goal Setting in Outpatient Rehab for Young Adults

Self-esteem is often a casualty of addiction.  Young adults in recovery may feel worthless, like they are a burden to their family and have nothing to offer society.  This is why a sound outpatient rehab program for young adults must focus on restoring self-worth by helping clients discover their purpose in life.  Through ongoing counseling and mentoring, young adults in recovery can identify their strengths, skills, and talents.  They rediscover interests and passions that had been dormant while involved in substance abuse.

Once these important personal revelations are identified, new life goals can be defined.  While some young adults may seek higher education that will lead to a certain profession that interests them, others may want to try working in a field that stokes their passions.  What matters most is that the young adult set goals and follow through by taking the steps needed to achieve the goals.  Accomplishing even small tasks can lead to renewed self-confidence, which can lead to an undertaking of more challenging, and rewarding, tasks.

Launch Centers Drug Rehab Los Angeles Outpatient Program Empowers Young Adults

Located in Los Angeles, California, Launch Centers is an outpatient program for adults in recovery aged 18-28 who desire a fresh start in life.  The compassionate counseling team will guide clients toward identifying passions and achieving life goals.  These highly skilled professionals utilize a structured, systematic program with measurable outcomes that lead clients to tangible results.  Clients gain important life skills and renewed confidence as they progress in the program.  For more information, please contact Launch Centers today at (310) 779-4476.