Raquel Ross, AMFTPrimary Therapist

    As a figurative artist, Raquel always had a deep curiosity about people, leading her to study Psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon. During her time there, she developed an interest in Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy, eventually meeting her teacher and completing several retreats and a teaching internship in a monastery.  Raquel took an interest in clients struggling with severe psychosis and transitioned to working in county mental health programs in Oregon, eventually running several state-funded mental health adult foster homes. After moving back to Los Angeles, she worked in both residential and outpatient addictions and mental health treatment for about 3 years in several capacities. She holds a masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and continues to study religion and mysticism. Raquel is trained in Narrative and Post-modern Therapy, DBT, and Somatic Psychology as well as a moving meditation form called Qigong. She is dedicated to incorporating her previous work experience, current therapeutic training, and artistic background, as well as her knowledge of various mindfulness practices in her work with clients at Launch.