How Mental Health Affects Young Adults

Early adulthood is notoriously one of the most challenging chapters in life.  The years following high school can be rife with anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and lack of direction, many times resulting in substance abuse as a mode of managing or self-medicating these emotions.  When the typical struggles of this phase in life are exacerbated by debilitating anxiety and depression, drug or alcohol abuse, mood disorders, or a dual diagnosis – a young person can find their life derailed. At Launch Centers, we understand that not everyone requires residential treatment to recovery from whatever challenge they are recovering from. Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all journey which is why we offer intensive outpatient treatment programs in Los Angeles.

Millions of young adults are living with a mental or substance use disorder and many either do not realize they have one or are not paying attention to the signs and not seeking help. In fact, of the 8.9 million young adults who reported having a mental illness in 2018, more than 2 in 5 went untreated and of the 5.1 million with a substance use disorder, nearly 9 in 10 did not get treatment. Addiction is often seen as a more “adult” issue, but many people start using drugs and alcohol in their teens. Thirteen is the average age of first-time drug and alcohol use, and 9 out of 10 addictions start in the teen years. Early drug use coupled with events such as starting college, being on your own for the first time, or trying to figure out what your whole life plan will be, can be exceedingly overwhelming, and they can have lasting effects on your overall mental health. Our <strong>Los Angeles IOP</strong> is here to support our clients through these trying times.

Los Angeles Launch Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program

If you have battled stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol, and substance abuse in the past, then you will realize how difficult it is to recover. Launch Centers offer outpatient therapies for people who have faced these situations before. This program gives students the chance to continue pursuing their studies while getting treated for the conditions mentioned above. Also, it provides employed people with an opportunity to keep their jobs as they receive treatment.

What Is An Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive Outpatient Treatment, also known as IOP,  is a primary treatment initiative endorsed after someone completed a residential or partial hospitalization program. However, we have many clients call to directly enroll without a prior treatment experience. If you belong among those who don’t require a medical detox or psychiatric stabilization, then this the program to attend. If you have had a successful detox, then IOP could be your road to a successful recovery. It maintains consistent accountability for the client, while allowing them to still attend classes or pursue work. An IOP client is beginning to take the next steps toward a life of independence in a safe and monitored environment.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Los Angeles is designed for people with less severe cases of mental health issues or addiction and those who are still undergoing the recovery process in a transitional living home, who are looking to make a change in their life.

What To Expect At Our LA Intensive Outpatient

When you enroll in any of the Launch Centers in Los Angeles, you will receive a variety of services. Deep clinical work is explored in individual therapy. The therapist is hand selected for each client, based on the clients needs and preferences, that will meet them on a weekly basis to assess their treatment. We also have a family therapist dedicated for family support while we work to repair any ruptured relationships. Additionally, we work with a psychiatrist to make sure any medication needs are taken care of to ensure the best possible outcomes. Some services are explored through group therapy. Here, you will meet other people who have gone through similar situations as you have. The following, are some group topics that you can expect to encounter.

Emotional Health

We teach clients to be able to identify emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms in order to hopefully prevent further treatment stays.

Recovery Support

We spend time introducing clients to different recovery programs such as the 12 steps, SMART, and Refuge Recovery. We also help them identify the triggers that have caused relapses in the past.

Self Esteem & Self Worth

We can be our own worst critic and we want to bring reality to that inner monologue. We help clients identify their successes and strengths. Sometimes, people can’t see the good in themselves, and we are here to help them find it.

Values, Spirituality, & Identity

We hope to take a look at the context of people’s lives as a way of understanding both the problems they face. Through this pillar, we hope to support clients in finding their “why” and how to cultivate positive behaviors that support this life purpose.

Arts, Passions, & Creativity

We offer workshops in the arts to encourage emotional exploration through creative writing, music, art and improvisational theatre.

Relationships & Community

A strong community is everything, so we also work to build up an extensive and reliable support system. A support system can consist of family members, friends, co-workers, and significant others.

Education & Career

Education and career development might not seem like a clinical concern at first, but it works into many of the other pillars. Graduating college, or getting their first job, can give someone an immense sense of self worth.

Life Skills

We do our best to help our clients learn basic skills so that they can move forward, towards an independent life outside of treatment.

Medication Management

By evaluating and educating clients about their medications, it can set each client up for success to help mitigate relapse and create successful treatment outcomes.

The topics mentioned above are mandatory for first-time participants, but you can still enroll for additional comprehensive counseling, or training to improve healthy skills. Regarding the 12-step approach, Launch does not lean on, or recommend, a specific denomination. It relies on scientific methods and practices without involving religious bias, though some recovery programs are religiously based.

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How To Know If IOP Is Right For Me?

While it is not hard to find an IOP in LA, it is important that you find one that suits your specific needs. While we are able to treat and accomodate many different types of clients, this lower level of care is not always the best fit for people who are battling problems related to addiction and substance use or abuse, so you will need to get examined by our clinical team to ensure we can best help your personal situation. The assessment is usually conducted at the center as part of the admission process. Just because the topics to be covered have been generalized doesn’t mean all individuals share the same ordeals. The program readily offers personalized services to suit their needs. Thereafter, the initial assessment will result in a follow-up.

To get admitted to any intensive outpatient treatment unit, or if you want to do it someone else’s behalf, you can contact them directly to book an appointment or fill out the contact form found in accredited websites. They will reciprocate your involvement by giving you a call and informing you about the important steps that they will follow.

Let the Los Angeles Intensive Outpatient Program at Launch Help You Heal

Once you have come to accept your present condition, you can rely on any of the Launch Centers to design a treatment plan for you using a clinical and medical assessment. Depending on your history, status, and current condition, these professionals will determine the approach they will accord you after conducting a medical review. Once you make your first appointment, they will advise you if there are any fees to cater for the assessment.

Launch Centers intensive outpatient programs in Los Angeles are designed to empower youth and help them achieve their goals. By the end of their treatment course, they will have defined their purpose in life and borrowed a new leaf. Each client has a personalized experience through educational support and professional guidance. Your hopes of realizing your strengths as an independent and committed human being will be heightened at the end of it all.

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Our Testimonials

Clients and Professionals Share Their Experience

  • Conner H.

    Launch Centers Treatment was a major help to me. The therapists and staff genuinely cared about me and truly helped me to make a plan for my future. My personal therapists helped me to discover where some of my deeper issues came from. All of the staff worked tirelessly with me to talk through my issues, or just about life, and offered realistic solutions to my current problems and situation. All of the staff went above and beyond and advocated relentlessly for me.

  • Nicole Y.

    This place changed my life! I’ve had good laughs, good cries, shared a lot of heart to heart moments and grew a loving bond with everyone at Launch Centers. I will always be grateful! I really do miss it time to time. I highly recommend Launch Centers!

  • Jenna S.

    Launch changed our lives. Our family had been battling for years to breakthrough to our brother. No amount of rehab or detox had made a difference. He was listless, lifeless and helpless. We feared for his life everyday. The spirit of, repetition in, core values, appreciation of life and dignity and respect that we found through Launch are unparalleled. I can say with full confidence that we never would have seen my “real” brother again if not for this truly magical combination. We were and still are especially grateful for his over-the-top therapist. Her commitment to his privacy and success coupled with her unwavering contact with any and all of us is what bridged our 3,000 mile separation from him.


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