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For those in addiction recovery (particularly those recently discharged from an Outpatient Treatment Program), the additional support provided by a sober living home can drastically increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety. Transforming negative behavior patterns into healthy behavior patterns can be incredibly challenging. It requires patience, understanding, and community support. Sober living homes offer this in the form of education and structure. In an environment that fosters growth and development, it is easier to establish a healthier lifestyle. One that is free from the shackles of addiction and substance abuse. In short, sober living homes provide tools that ease the transition from a life of addiction to a life of meaning.

The Path to Addiction Recovery

In the early stages of addiction recovery, it’s crucial to redefine yourself. This is done through actions. What we do becomes who we are. Daily meditation, yoga instruction, spiritual exploration, creativity, experiential living, and a healthy diet are some of the activities encouraged by our network of sober living homes in California. There is a lot of value in support groups. Launch Centers views active participation in support groups as an integral part of the healing process. For this reason, sober homes often provide transportation to support meetings such as 12-step meetings (AA or NA) or Smart Recovery (a non 12-step option).

Sober Homes Network

Launch Centers highly recommends that our clients stay in a sober living home while enrolled in our programs. This added layer of accountability and support can work wonders for those in the early stages of addiction recovery. Our network consists of world-class sober living communities in California. Locations include: Marina Del Ray, Hermosa Beach, Malibu, Brentwood, Los Angeles, and Pacific Palisades. To learn more about staying in a sober home while attending Launch Centers, call us today at (310) 779-4476. Telephone assessments are free and confidential.

Surfview Sober Living Home in Pacific Palisades

Launch Centers would like to introduce the newest addition to our Sober Home Network: Surfview Sober Living Home. With the natural beauty of Pacific Palisades, CA as the backdrop, this location is the perfect environment to explore new passions.



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