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For most people, finding the right job is the hardest and most important task of early adulthood. And being a young adult/recovering addict only makes it more difficult. People get stuck in the loop of needing experience to get a job and needing a job to get experience. At Launch we’ve made it our goal to help our clients break free from this frustration. Thanks to our numerous relationships with local businesses, we offer young adults paid internships in a number of exciting fields. Depending on client interest they can be placed in a variety of jobs such as blogging and social media, retail and boutique stores, or working in a restaurant. Some clients even choose to work in the field of recovery by taking other young addicts to meetings or doctor’s appointments.

And at Launch, we offer more than just job placement. We give our clients the resources and training to help them navigate every aspect of employment. In our job placement groups and case manager training we offer skills such as learning how to interview and build a resume, communicating with your employer or supervisor, and figuring out how to process feelings and emotions in a work environment. By creating a safe environment for constructive growth, we give our clients the chance to earn a paycheck and get real world experience all in one.

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