Outpatient Program for Young Adults in Los Angeles

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In the recovery world, the one thing harder than getting sober is staying sober.  There is undoubtedly a lot of work and dedication that goes into achieving sobriety, and it’s true that you have a much greater chance of relapsing when you try to quit on your own. Many find the support of a recovery community to be paramount to their success, not only in the realm of relapse prevention but also in pursuing overall wellness and getting back to the life that you had planned for yourself. 

The bottom line is that maintaining sobriety is more than saying no to your substance of choice, and involves significant changes in the way you spend your time, and who you spend it with as well as replacing old habits with new and healthy ones.

How does outpatient treatment fit into the recovery world?

Not every youth struggling with addiction needs inpatient or residential treatment, however may benefit greatly from participation in outpatient treatment in order to address their problematic habit.  Outpatient treatment exists in a number of different formats, whether as a step-down from inpatient treatment, the first step after detox, or even as a treatment alternative that allows you to still be plugged in at work, school, or home while learning to address your problematic behaviors. This is often offered through a partial day program, intensive outpatient program, or a standard outpatient program, and for young adults in Los Angeles your go-to treatment center for addiction and co-occurring mental health is Launch Centers

Of course, in order to stay clean, any treatment modality or sobriety strategy must be combined with a focus on life after treatment. At Launch Centers, our sole mission is helping young adults with finding their real purpose in life and building on that foundation in order to maximize their ability to learn, work, and grow. 

What makes Launch Centers different?

If you’ve had a long struggle with addiction, including time spent in recovery, the havoc it wreaks on your life can be overwhelming. Therefore, anything from relapse prevention strategies, to mending your relationships, getting an education, finding a job, and improving your health as well as finances are important, and often overlooked parts of recovery.

Whether you’ve done a stint in rehab or achieved sobriety through self-will and discipline, there is still a need to learn how to jump back into life and address your own personal development. We believe in doing so through providing individual and family therapy, developing emotional intelligence through process groups and in learning mindfulness, and teaching self-esteem through instruction on basic life skills.  Sessions with these as the focus can help you become the best version of yourself by showing you how to use your innate skills, talents, and passions to contribute to society.

Successful recovery is inspired by the fact that achieving a drug and alcohol-free life is possible. While the journey is a highly individualized process influenced by numerous factors like severity and duration of one’s addiction, there are some principles that across the board encompass outpatient recovery (that actually works!) for all types of addiction.

  • It must be holistic, addressing all parts of life, and move away from imposing stigma and shame
  • It should be all about empowering, guidance, healing, and change
  • Recovery involves becoming a part of society, therefore, individual recognition for change is needed and support from others is required


A good treatment program, like Launch Centers, should:

  • Offer treatment with supportive housing
  • Have a strategy for treating co-occurring mental illnesses
  • Integrate academic programming and vocational and life-skills training to prepare young adults for life after treatment


With effective treatment, a safe environment and support, anyone can recover from addiction even live a fulfilling life, but you need to have a desire for change and a belief in yourself that you can overcome the disease. Give us a call today to take that first step!


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