Academic Outpatient and Educational Offerings

The Launch clinical and educational directors work together during intake, personalized plan development, and monitoring of progress toward achievement of individualized measurable outcomes. Supporting clients in their “launch” into life requires development of metacognition in cognitive behavioral therapy, and in professional and/or academic work. Additionally, the integration of existential therapy and exploration of purpose is a central area of focus across the therapeutic and educational domains. Launch integrates therapeutic and educational programs to create a cohesive system of support, guidance, and structured curriculum designed to transition clients into an inspired and productive life.

In the Academic Outpatient Program cach client will have their own individual plans created based on background and career goals. Personalized academic guidance:

  • Records and transcript analysis
  • Course identification
  • Course syllabus evaluation and planning
  • IEP compliance
  • College applications
  • Graduation progress evaluation
  • Scholarship applications
  • Exam preparation
  • Specialized tutoring
  • Academic success workshops
  • Progress monitoring

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