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Education Structure

Education Structure

Stage one

The Launch 30-day program is for clients in need of the “now what?” assessment and individualized plan + first steps, without the structured support for follow-through and implementation. Clients will receive personalized plans using therapeutic information and educational data to guide goal planning and measureable objectives to achieve at the end of the 30 days. Objectives include a therapeutic integration with academic transcript analysis, educational and extra-curricular evaluation, career inventory and interest assessment, job research, and resume/cover letter creation. Clients will benefit from therapeutic and educational guides to create appropriate plans and steps to follow subsequent to completion of program.

Stage two

The Launch 90-day program enables clients to build upon 30-day personalized plan and first steps to engage in the next stage of progress toward college and/or career-based goals. All clients will use results of achieved objectives in 30-day program to implement stage two plans. Depending on individual goals, clients may complete diploma, prepare for SAT, and/or complete college applications. If client has taken leave from school, re-enrollment and academic guidance will provide structure for life outside courses. Additionally, if client’s academic plan is to begin community college courses in preparation for vocation or college transfer, then admission, course selection, and enrollment will be completed by culmination of 90-day program. If the client’s 30-day program objectives revealed readiness to enter the job force, resume and cover letters will be matched to job applications, and interviews and placement will be completed by the end of the 90-day program.

Stage three

The Launch 180-day program provides a lengthier treatment plan for clients dedicated to maintaining progress within a structured environment. For clients interested in working and/or going to school while still being members of the Launch community, a more flexible program will be implemented at the culmination of 90-day program. Clients will continue therapeutic and educational session at the Launch Center outside of work and/or school commitments. This flexible but structured program will provide a space and support system to ensure progress made in 90-day program is maximized and continued.

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