Why Consider Counseling?

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A look at the protective factors that contribute to healthy living

In recent years, after a great deal of “rebranding”, it seems as though finally the idea of going to counseling or talking to someone about difficult situations in your life has become normalized and more widely accepted. This is true especially among the younger generations, who appear to be more comfortable in knowing that it is important to discuss their internal states. Parents may still remain cautious about sending their teen to a therapist or treatment center and may wonder if they are only giving attention to behaviors that they would prefer to extinguish. In addition to the unfortunate truth that oftentimes it is more difficult for teens to talk to their parents rather than to an unbiased other, there are some very important reasons that your teen or young adult may need to seek treatment that includes preventative strategies very much in line with Launch Center’s methodology that believes that they can be the catalyst to propel your teen into the future in health and ready for what comes next.

Learning Healthy Coping Skills

Coping skills: everyone seems to have heard of this concept, but the idea behind it still may seem vague and in need of more concrete description. At its most basic, the strategies that we employ to be able to deal with difficult emotions earn the title of “coping skill”, whether or not these tactics are ultimately beneficial to us. For example, if there was an argument at work between yourself and a coworker, choosing to walk away and take some deep breaths is one way to regulate yourself, however, other ways include lashing out physically or verbally towards them, or once you get home to your partner. Both are technically coping skills, although one of those options is likely to create much greater outcomes than the other. Other ineffective ways of dealing with your emotions include avoiding them entirely or turning to an external substance like drugs or alcohol to regulate your internal states. Counseling can help you identify coping skills that you already have in your arsenal that continue to be helpful to you, as well as to teach other skills to deal with difficult affective states, including relaxation strategies, exercise practices, and other specific strategies to deal with fear, anger, or sadness. In counseling, you will be able to better identify what’s going on inside you, to be able to manage it more effectively. 

Learning Healthy Thinking

Another key piece of learning that your therapist can offer you in counseling is to go through some training in healthy thinking. A therapist can teach you to challenge your thoughts, and not to let your actions be solely defined by them without taking the time to think things through. A healthy mindset is one that is not fixated on past mistakes and is able to recognize rationally and with clarity one’s own strengths just as much as areas with growth potential. A therapist can help you to identify common thought traps that may keep you stuck in the past, lost in fear of the future and what’s contributing to you missing out on the present moment. 

Learning Healthy Ways to Provide Support

Not only will our program at Launch Centers teach your teen or young adult the positive skills that they need to succeed in life, but they will also teach you the most important ways that you can come alongside your child and support them in their journey. Therapy can be a powerful intervention in your life and theirs, to change the course and direction towards the healthy future that you know is possible. Request a callback today to learn more about our program!

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