The Benefits Of Process Groups In Addiction Treatment

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Addiction treatment is one of the most challenging experience for any addict. That is because they will be forcing their body and mind to start functioning differently without the influence of any substance. With various treatment stages available during therapy, group addiction treatment is one of the most critical and useful phases of addiction recovery. Today, group therapy is widely applied in all addiction treatment centers across the world.

What are process groups?

Process groups consist of about five to ten addicts and one group leader who usually is a facilitator. In these groups, patients are led into a conversation by the facilitator who later on stops participating or reacting to the ongoing talks. In most cases, patients are encouraged to share their experiences because opening up is one way to begin solving a big problem. However, there is a strict rule about confidentiality because some of the stories shared in process groups are too sensitive.

What makes process groups a vital part of addiction recovery

According to experts, millions of drug addicts are suffering in silence because they feel like they are looked down upon and whatever they say does not matter. However, some of these addicts only need someone to open up for them to get rid of the burden. In these groups, patients are encouraged to admit that they are addicts because admission is said to be one of the first things that one does before starting a recovery treatment.

Drug addicts are usually secluded because they are not considered stable or sane. Because they are always lonely, their interpersonal relationship with people will change, and that can result in more problems. In process groups, participants are brought together as a way of reviving their touch with people. Many recovered patients belonged in the same recovery group that developed an everlasting relationship.

Acceptance is another benefit that comes with process groups. Drug addicts are never given a chance to express what they are feeling. Their choices are never considered, and this leads to someone isolating themselves. In these groups, everyone is given a chance to respond to raised issues, and everyone’s opinion is respected.

Not many people are comfortable visiting a therapist for recovery treatment sessions. Hiring a therapist is also not cheap, and it’s harder to open up because you will be the only one talking almost all the time. Group therapies make all this easier for recovering patients because it breaks the monotony. Additionally, the patient gets to interact with people facing the same problem, and everyone is there to help each other.

Process groups help patients to get the correct insights. Drug addiction can be a result of many things. However, many addicts don’t understand that addiction is usually tied to a particular cause. Without help from outside, it is not easy to identify the cause. Addicts are generally emotionally attached to their problems that they cannot discover them without help. Process groups allow the patient to get the right advice quickly because they understand the situation better.

How to get the right process groups

There are different types of process groups. When choosing a process group, ensure that you go for one that deals with your kind of problem. Alcohol addicts, for example, need to be in the same process group. You should also know that there are group options in terms of cost. The NN an NA prices groups, for example, are free to join. Process groups available in treatment centers are not charged separately hence considered as part of the overall treatment process.

Proper research is vital before settling on a process group. It is good to know that these groups sometimes don’t work for some patients, but the problem is usually how they make their choices. Note that addiction has different levels. You may need to get professional advice before deciding whether to take the patient to a treatment center or allow them to go with NN or NA.

Thanks to technology, there are online process groups that you can opt for. These provide more convenience because they don’t require the patient to travel or leave the house. However, the kind of discussions going on in these groups have helped many people regain their lives.


Process groups allow patients to help each other out of the trap. Because the person helping is undergoing the same problem, it is easy for recovering patients to take in advice. Every participant in an addiction recovery group has a different experience with their addiction, and this creates an excellent platform for patients to learn. In many cases, a new patient does not have to contribute on the first day unless they feel like. By listening to other people’s experiences, there will be less resistance in a patient because they will get to understand they are not suffering alone.

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