IOP: The Treatment Option for Everyone

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Substance abuse is a more pressing now than it has ever been, and it doesn’t discriminate in who it affects. Old, young, students, professionals, and every walk of life are represented. Addiction can be difficult to treat because it affects every area of one’s life. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is one of the best and most effective ways to achieve the lasting changes needed for permanent recovery.

What Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Before starting IOP, it is necessary to undergo a medical and/or clinical assessment to see what the individual patient needs. If there are pressing physical needs, like withdrawal, an inpatient program might be recommended first, where the individual stays at the facility at least for a while without leaving. Intensive Outpatient Treatment allows the clients to continue to go to work or school, and they can return home after every session.

Each session will probably last about two to four hours, and there will probably be three sessions scheduled per week. During the sessions, patients will learn coping strategies so they can manage cravings, relapse prevention skills, and other important tips on how to deal with sobriety in the real world. There are proven methods which work best, and patients may have individual and//or group sessions.

If there are other needs, such as counseling or medication regulation, they will also be scheduled through the center. The best treatment programs will treat the individual as a whole to make sure the skills will apply to real-life situations. Because they return to treatment week after week, patients can get feedback on how to deal with situations that come up. They can use the strategies they learn in IOP immediately, without waiting until the end of the treatment program.

What Are the Benefits of IOP?

There are many benefits to IOP which make it the best choice for almost everyone. These include:

  • better recovery outcomes, probably related to the intensity and duration of the program;
  • the flexible schedule means that individuals can continue to meet family, work and school obligations while starting the path to recovery;
  • it’s not as expensive as an inpatient program, and is probably covered by insurance;
  • the clinicians have the flexibility to respond to different and changing needs;
  • IOP programs have a higher retention rate because individuals are better able to make the commitment;
  • when there is an early relapse, it can be dealt with immediately while the patient still has a full support system;
  • the program offers many opportunities for the patients to become involved in community groups and establish local support systems;
  • patients have more opportunities to apply their new skills to their real-world problems;
  • the program and support groups help the patients develop long term supports among each other;
  • patients can become involved in local 12-step groups, finding groups they are comfortable with and even finding a homegroup they’re comfortable with;
  • and, very importantly, patients learn to be responsible for their own lives and actions. Because they continue to meet their responsibilities, patients become accustomed to taking responsibility for their actions. When they have problems, they know they are the ones who have to either deal with them or get the help they need to learn how.

Get Help Now

Once people start on the road to recovery, they will find that every area of their lives has room for improvement. They will earn a new lease on life and learn the tools to improve relationships at home and at work. Launch Centers offers a unique vocational and education program that helps our clients change their lives and make a plan to achieve their goals while continuing to work to meet their current responsibilities. We offer both mental health and addiction treatment in Los Angeles, CA, with varying levels of care depending on the client’s current needs. If you or a loved one need help, there is no time like the present to make the decision to get help. Call today so we can set up an interview and let you know your next steps.

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