How to Choose the Right Treatment Program for You

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Getting into treatment for substance abuse is a weighty one.  It requires dedication and the discipline to stick to the treatment program.  It is therefore essential that you choose one that will respond to your needs.  But how do you go about choosing the right one for you?

If you find that you’re in this situation, read on below for excellent tips or knowing which treatment program to go to.

1. Do Your Research

The only way to make sure that you are going into the right treatment program for you is by doing your research.  There are many options available, including intensive outpatient program (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). You also have the option of drug-assisted programs or psychotherapy only.

Also try and understand the different therapies available, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  dialectical behavioral therapy,  group therapy,  motivational interviewing, among others.  It is essential that you know what goes into each process.  Know what your needs are so that you get one that suits your specific concerns.

2. Ask The Right Questions

When you have a good understanding of your needs, you will be able to formulate the right questions to ask.  Focus on programs that will give you results.  Ask about how long the program takes, what they will require of you, and whether your support group can attend.

Also, find out which treatment methods they use.  Some use holistic approaches, while others focus on scientific methods.

3. Do They Personalize The Treatments

Successful treatment programs work with clients as individuals.  It means that they take each case as unique and personalize the treatment.  They will take into consideration things like age, gender, background, religion, among others.

They also try to understand the history of your substance use, how severe your addiction is, what efforts you have taken to take to stop, among others.  A good program should also evolve as you continue with the process.

4. What Is The Duration Of The Treatment

The length of the treatment will depend on the severity of the addiction.  The therapist should sit down with you and have a lengthy discussion before subscribing a period.  Research shows that an effective program should last a minimum of three months.

The longer the treatment, the less likely that you will relapse.  You also need to have the right mindset because treatment is an ongoing process.  Do not expect a quick fix; for some, treatment lasts a lifetime.

The program you choose should continue to give you support even if you are taking the PHP which does not require you to stay in the facility.  They should be able to monitor you remotely and provide the necessary support to you and your loved ones.

5. What Option Are You Looking For

Seeking treatment for addiction is not cheap because of the duration, and cost of the different sessions.  If your insurer can cover the cost, you should consider IOP.  If cash strapped, look for other options of raising money, including asking for support from those close to you.

Treatment centers have people who support their activities, and it does not hurt to ask for help.   You can also apply for federal or state assistance. If you feel that you do not want to be a resident at a facility, consider the PHP. Find out if you qualify, and make sure you stick to the schedule to increase your chances of success.

The one you eventually pick will depend on your location and personal preference on whether you want to be away from home.  However, we would recommend that you do not let distance stand in your way of getting help.  Fine-tune your thinking to the fact that the situation is temporary,   and you will go back home when you finish treatment.

6. Do a Site Visit

Make time to visit the treatment facility to confirm that what they are claiming is what they’re offering.   Brochures and customer service people will always look and sound great, but take them with a pinch of salt.   Ask for a guided tour, meet the staff, and see how other patients are fairing on, among others.

Even if you are not able to do a physical visit, find a way to get the relevant information.  Checking if there are any reviews on the facility can also help.

Final Thoughts

Seeking treatment for addiction is an important step.  While some people can kick the habit on their own, other people may require a little help.    Looking for the right treatment facility may take some time, but you need to get the right one for you.

Do your research, ask the relevant questions, do a site visit, and if possible, ask for references and client reviews. In the age of the internet, you will find a lot of information online which can help you with the process.

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