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Clients Expectations

After months (sometimes years) of struggling with addiction, it can seem impossible to turn your life around. At the onset of recovery, our clients often begin our programs feeling dependent, confused, or unsure about their next steps.

With guidance from trained addiction and education professionals, our clients are able to turn their lives around. This turning point is the beginning of lifelong change. It requires a great deal of commitment, persistence, and the development of autonomy.

Launch Centers provides young adults with the necessary opportunity, structure, and support to transform their lives. We help facilitate personal ownership and discovery of purpose. We expect our clients to bring themselves fully to every therapy and education session, with the intention and desire to self-assess. Consistent self-monitoring will enable clients to develop the cognitive and evaluative skills required to identify the behaviors that either hinder or foster the achievement of goals.

Clients are expected to be independent and resourceful. We are here to provide structure, human interaction, and professional guidance. It is up to them to take the initiative in daily, weekly, and monthly actions toward their personal goals.

  • Clients will arrive at Launch Centers with the materials requested in the contract. This allows personalized treatment plans to be maximized to align with the client’s goals and ensures that they will be achieved in an appropriate length of time
  • Clients will come prepared each day based on previous day’s or week’s requirements and progress
  • Clients will take ownership of their goals and achievement by being active through inquiry, discussion, and feedback
  • Clients will limit electronic use to working only on computers for academic, career, and/or employment-based activities

Clients’ Families and Friends

Launch Centers is a professional environment where clients will be working on various projects and activities related to their individual goals. Outpatient Program expectations are set to increase accountability and recovery success.  Families and friends will be expected to honor their time at Launch as they would anyone at work. Contact is possible but limited to not interfere with productivity and progress.


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