Addiction Treatment: Treating the Individual

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The Flawed Individual: The Addiction Stigma

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), alcoholism and drug addiction are a form of chronic and progressive brain disease. Prior to the 1970’s, individuals who suffered from substance abuse disorders were viewed as flawed individuals and degenerates. Think of how many decent people this kept from getting the help they needed.

When the AMA changed their view of addiction it opened up the floodgates and helped to destigmatize our cultural understanding of addiction and the way it is treated. Sadly, large portions of the population still view addicts and alcoholics flawed citizens who are solely responsible for the circumstances leading to their substance abuse disorder.

Culturally, we tend to admonish addicts. We fail to understand the invisible circumstances that lead to drug-seeking behavior. Co-occurring disorders often accompany substance abuse disorders – this is referred to as dual diagnosis. Effective addiction treatment necessarily must include a compassionate understanding of the circumstances that contribute to the disease of addiction.  

In order to most effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction, mental health professionals and addiction treatment centers need to provide unique recovery plans that provide follow-up (and job placement programs) to ensure success. This will ultimately reduce the potential for relapse.


Addiction Treatment: Healing the Individual

The best way to treat addiction depends on a biological, psychological, and social variables. Everyone is different. The job of mental health and addiction treatment professionals is to uncover the unique way to get through to the client.

Biologically speaking, it is important for the treatment team to understand the genetic factors that influence the addicted individual’s predispositions. Some important things to consider are family history and intergenerational drug and alcohol abuse.

The addiction treatment team then needs to examine the psychological factors at work by properly detecting and diagnosing any co-occurring disorders that may be present. This allows addiction treatment professionals to provide the most appropriate care. Co-occurring disorders are strongly correlated to long term substance abuse. Clinicians need to understand the unique psychological complexities of each client so they can customize treatment, therapy, and medication accordingly.

Lastly, the client’s social history (and current social environment) need to be explored to identify factors that contribute to addiction. Do dynamics with friends and family enable the substance abuse? It is the job of mental health and addiction treatment professionals to prepare the addict for being discharged back into their everyday life. It’s much easier to be healthy in a controlled environment than it is when back in an environment that nurtured (or tolerated) addiction and negative behavior patterns.

How does Launch Centers help clients understand triggers and provide support as they assimilate into everyday life?


Aftercare: The Beginning of Sober Living

One of the primary benefits of Launch Centers is that we treat the individual. We do this by customizing treatment to fit the needs of the individual, and through providing aftercare support when addiction treatment ends. In an intensive outpatient treatment setting, you adhere to a routine schedule in a healthy environment that promotes healing. Removing clients from the triggers that spark the urge to self-medicate is a necessary step. But it is equally important to have a plan when all of that ends. This is where many addiction treatment centers fall short.

After rehab, the sober journey is just beginning. The compassionate and experienced addiction treatment team at Launch Centers works with each client to establish a plan for after treatment. We set up follow-up appointments, offer ongoing support, and give clients the tools required for a successful recovery. We even offer job placement and internship programs to ensure that those who pass through our doors leave with confidence and excitement about their new journey. The goal here is long-term sobriety and fulfillment.

We believe in treating addiction at the earliest stage possible. Launch Centers specializes in treating young people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol by treating the underlying mental health issues that often lead to addition. We do this through therapy, education, and job placement programs.

Our job doesn’t end the moment you walk out the door. Contact Launch Centers today if you or a loved one needs to help of trained addiction professionals. We provide Intensive Outpatient care as well as a network of sober homes to provide the solution the best fits your lifestyle.

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