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Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is a process with important steps that must be followed. Before an addicted person begins any recovery program, there is one essential step that must take place. Detoxing the body from drugs and alcohol is the first step in the healing process. This process removes harmful toxins from the body and prepares it for the recovery process. However, there are five essential components of the drug detox process that should be understood.

#1 There are Two Types of Detox

Medically assisted and clinically managed detox centers provide two different types of support. Medically assisted detox involves help from medical or mental health staff that provide drugs to ease cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and pain. Clinically managed detox is much shorter in duration and doesn’t involve any medical intervention or support. Instead, this type of detox may provide a room as well as peer encouragement and professional support while detoxing from drugs. The type of detox recommended for an individual is usually dependent on the type of substance a person is recovering from as well as the level of physical dependence. Individual preference is also a factor.

#2 There are Three Stages of Detox

The Evaluation stage involves testing urine, breath, and blood. A person’s mental health is also taken into consideration as well as any pre-existing conditions. After all of these areas are assessed, a plan of action is created. The second stage of detox is stabilization and it requires the most time. During this period, a patient receives both physical and mental treatment for their addiction. This treatment usually includes medical attention and psychological help. The last stage of detox focuses on attitude by encouraging willingness and cooperation for further treatment. This is necessary to successfully transition to a rehab program of some type.

#3 Substance Dependency Requires Detox

Detox is the first step of any drug and alcohol recovery program. Dependency is defined as a physical and mental attachment to a substance that makes a person feel as if they must have it to function normally. The absence of the substance can create dangerous mental and physical symptoms that are often painful and uncomfortable.

#4 Medical Detox is Suggested for Addiction to Alcohol, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Opioids

Medically managed detox is often suggested for people who struggle with addiction to substances like alcohol, opioids, and other drugs which have withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal. Depending on the type of drug and the length of abuse, the effects can vary widely. In addition, medical supervision is also suggested for people who’ve had bad withdrawal experiences in the past.  Medically assisted detox is also suggested for people who suffer from addiction and also have issues with poor mental and physical health.

#5 There is No Set Time of Completion for Detox

The detox period varies from person to person and is primarily dependent on the severity of the addiction as well as a person’s mental and physical health. Even the drug of use can have an impact on how long the detox process takes. Previous detox attempts, as well as other unique variables, may affect the duration of detox as well. The entire process can take anywhere from a few hours to days or weeks. However, the average length of detox is usually eight days, except when treating methadone and buprenorphine addiction. These drugs remain in the system longer, requiring an extended stay at a detox center.

Detoxification is the first step in the recovery process. Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse requires essential steps. The toxins left in the body from drug and alcohol abuse must be cleared before starting a drug treatment program like the one at Launch Centers. The detox process helps the body to safely process or metabolize any drugs and alcohol left in the body and clear their toxic impact. Detoxification is necessary in order to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction and successfully begin a treatment program.

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