Academic Outpatient Rehab for Young Adults

Drug or alcohol abuse does not discriminate. Kids coming from polished suburban homes and intact families are just as vulnerable to the grip of addiction than those coming from poverty or dysfunctional environments. The common thread between the young adults who find themselves enslaved to substance abuse, regardless of their background, is a loss of direction in life.

As dependency to drugs or alcohol deepens all the hopes and dreams for college and career suddenly take a back seat to the addiction. Plans for a bright future that had been in place for years, sometimes from childhood, go up in smoke. Young adults whose lives have been subordinated to drug addiction need more than just rehab, they need guidance to reclaim former dreams or forge a new path. In a word, they need purpose.

Rehab for Young Adults

For those who are good candidates for an outpatient rehab for young adults, a focus on academic goals is key to helping to define new purpose. By creating a fresh blueprint for their lives, the young adult can envision a clear pathway for nurturing their passions and achieving their goals. Starting with an educational plan and then defining ultimate career goals, young people can have a clear road map to success, versus languishing unmoored in hopes that something sticks.

Outpatient Rehab for young adults should provide the following treatment elements:

Academic planning and goal setting. A rehab program that includes an emphasis on education can provide clear benchmarks for achieving academic goals. The steps should include school transcript review, assistance in selecting a major based on interests and aptitude, specialized tutoring, course planning, help with college and scholarship applications, and progress monitoring.

  • Individual and group therapy. Drawing from various evidence-based therapeutic modalities the outpatient rehab setting allows for expanding self-awareness. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy are effective in teaching healthier responses to emotional triggers, helping to curb impulsive behaviors, and improving communication skills.
  • Vocational planning. At the core of defining purpose the young adult must explore ideas that help determine their dream job, then make a plan to achieve that goal. A quality rehab for young adults will offer career counseling, internship opportunities, and job search assistance as a means toward realizing their full potential while taking the steps needed toward landing their dream job.
  • Family program. Because of the intrinsic impact of the family dynamic upon developing healthy relationships and communication skills, having a family program of some type is key to overall success in treatment. A family group or workshop allows for trust to be rebuilt, in addition to teaching important tools that improve self-expression and foster empathy within the family.
  • Goal setting. Young people need to learn the value of setting both short term and long term goals. An outpatient rehab for young adults should provide direction in teaching goal setting as well as built in accountability measures that help them develop time management skills and cultivate perseverance. Goals should be encouraged for all areas of life, including academic, vocational, and recreational.

Launch Centers is Leading Outpatient Rehab for Empowering Young Adults

From cultivating educational opportunities to discovering new purpose, Launch will guide young adults towards exploring their passions, helping them find their calling in life. Based in Los Angeles, California, Launch provides a supportive environment for young people who have successfully achieved sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

Offering a comprehensive approach toward rehabilitation, Launch’s programs encompass academic and vocational planning and support alongside valuable therapeutic activities, addressing all aspects of the young adult’s life. For more information about this outpatient program please call us today at (310) 779-4476.